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Gentleheart Therapies LLC

A Ministry for those transitioning through the End-of-Life.

Hospice Massage, Complementing Therapies & Education.

Workshops for Caregivers

Self care for the caregiver

Learn holistic and cost free ways to reduce stress, alleviate aches and pains, calm and center yourself, process grief and anger, boost your immune system and maintain your sense of self.

1.5 hours $45 per person * group class

Benevolent Touch

Learn easy and effective techniques that may ease physical pain and mental suffering, induce deep relaxation responses and help alleviate loneliness. Much more than a hands on experience, you will learn how to tap into and cultivate your own personal healing presence and use it in ways that will help foster authentic, healing communication between yourself and those you care for. Learn to bring your best self to the table, and to help facilitate physical and emotional relief for all those you touch.

5 hours $125 per person

Introduction to Energy Medicine

Learn the fundamentals about Energy Medicine such as Reiki, Healing Touch, and Laying on of Hands. Discuss the principles of what it is, why it works, and examples of how you can use to this free source of healing energy to ease physical, emotional and spiritual pain, fear and anxiety for yourself and others.

1.5 hours $125 per person

Reiki Certification Classes Levels I, II, and III

Explore the levels of the Human Energy Field and how it functions in relation to and with Universal Life Force Energy. Learn to connect to, open and balance energy channels in the body to help remove stagnant pathways and facilitate balance, healing, and ease. We teach in accordance and lineage with the Usui Tibetan System, offering three levels of certification.

Level I 6 hours $225

Level II 6 hours $225

Level III 10 hours $450

Mindful Meditations for Healing & Well-being - Schedule TBD

For more information or to host a workshop, please email us at [email protected]