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Gentleheart Therapies LLC

A Ministry for those transitioning through the End-of-Life.

Hospice Massage, Complementing Therapies & Education.

Whether you feel them in a gentle breeze, reminisce with the evening sunset, or contemplate them throughout your day - the love, light, and words of wisdom of your departed loved one lives on.

Gentleheart Memorial Cards - for people and pets 

Gentleheart Memorial Cards

A poignant memorial to your departed loved one and a way to send their love around the world. Like a message in a bottle, Gentleheart Memorial Cards are unique creations designed to capture the essence of your loved ones who have transitioned from this world to the next. Profound, altruistic and meaningful, Gentleheart Memorial Cards keeps their message alive ~ bringing joy, grace, hope and tenderness intuitively to others in our global community.

Cards are hand addressed and uniquely created for each individual.

10 cards ~ $25 25 cards ~ $60   

Here is how the program works

Step 1: Choose your card package.

Step 2: We will email you a brief questionnaire - please fill out and return.

Step 3: Send your favorite photograph to us via email or postal service.

Step 4: Share your loved one's words of hope, wisdom, peace, or encouragement.


Step 5: I create a beautiful and inspirational postcard featuring your loved one.

Step 6: Either 10 or 25 global citizens are randomly chosen to receive a postcard. You get one, too!


Step 7: The cards are received around the globe - touching lives and sharing hope.

Step 8: Recipients can track their location on our interactive global map.

Step 9: Your loved one is celebrated around the world, loving them forward, promoting kindness, inspiration, and good will, keeping their memory alive!

Have you received a Gentleheart Message?

1. Please pin your location on our interactive world map.

2. Please click on the postcard you have received and tell us who you are...and how receiving this message of love has touched your life.

Thank you for being a recipient ~ and for helping us to honor our loved ones who have passed ~ loving them forward with their messages of love! 

We are putting the finishing touches on our interactive map and gallery. Thank you for your patience. Please check back soon!